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Did you know that no matter how much you clean your skin every day, the impurities, pollution and the own fat generated by our skin gradually clog your pores? Thus, we are losing luminosity and uniformity in the skin tone, and the creams and treatments that we apply will not deepen enough, diminishing its effect?

Why is professional facial cleansing necessary?

In addition to favoring a much more careful appearance, professional skin cleansing allows the dermal cells to have a better supply of nutrients. By removing the layer of dirt the skin perspires better. Fact that is very important to avoid facial aging.

When the skin is clean, the absorption of moisturizers, nourishing or anti-aging creams is much greater, since the pores are free of dirt that clogs and free of infectious agents.

What benefits do you have a facial cleaning done by a specialist?

It is more durable

Dr. Vicky will treat your skin with delicacy, correction and precision, analyze your skin type and recommend the ideal treatment based on the needs of your face. Besides being able to reach areas that you just cannot reach.

She is qualified to provide a detailed cleaning, since her job is (among other things) to find imperfections.

The products used are brands recognized in the market. Your goal is to provide well-being and take care of your face.

How often should facial cleansing be done?

This depends both on your lifestyle, environment and your daily habits.

If the environment in which you move has a high pollution rate, the skin of your face will be absorbing like a sponge the microparticles that circulate through the air. And in the long run, the skin will get dirtier. Normal skin can be cleaned every three to four months. Mature or very dry skin needs more help, which should be done once every six weeks. The most problematic skins may need cleaning even more often. Remember that all these treatments should make them a professional. A bad application can cause irritations.

So if you are thinking of having a professional facial cleansing, put yourself in the hands of a specialist. Come see us and let your face shine.

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